Friday, January 23, 2009

busy as an ant

challenge five

challenge six

we had to lift a layout from our teampartner. I lifted this layout

Saturday, January 17, 2009

my take on challenge 3

Oh my, what a busy week this has been! I finally had a chance last night to start on the third challenge but I must have been to tired - I didn't like any of the versions I scrapped yesterday. SO the first thing this morning was to start all over again. I am not entirely happy with the layout but it has to do. We are expecting guests today, I have to clean up, prepare something for dinner and have to do the fourth challenge.

Challenge 3 of the ADSR4 is hosted by Gotta Pixel

Find the first layout you created that is still uploaded to a gallery and scraplift it using techniques, trends and concepts that you have learned since you did that original layout.

You can...
* You can use a different kit, elements, papers, brushes, shapes, etc.
* You can add and remove elements, papers, etc.
* You can use a different sized canvas.
* You can move things around and change the overall sketch of the layout.
* You can use the first layout uploaded to any gallery. This does not necessarily mean that it's the first layout you ever did.When you view your gallery, at whichever site it is at, it needs to be the first layout uploaded to that gallery. Example: This is my gallery at Gotta Pixel (I have other galleries on other sites). If you go to the very last page, and find the very last image, that is the first layout I uploaded to Gotta Pixel. That is the layout that needs to be used.

You can not...
* You can not add additional photos to the layout.
* You can not remove any photos from the layout.
* You can not add additional text to the layout; journaling, alphas that spell out a word, word art, journaling. The only text that appears on the layout must be identical in verbiage to what it was originally. You can change the font, you can convert text into an alpha. If your layout previously used an alpha or wordart, you can convert that alpha/wordart to text or use a new alpha/wordart to spell the same thing. When you are done though, you must have the same words that were on the old layout, on the new layout.

my first layout here

kit: Take Flight - May 2008 by Songbird Avenue
fonts: Brush Bcript Std, Bickham Script Pro

Thursday, January 15, 2009


paper: weedsandwildflower, KSharonk
leaveribbon, flower: bren boone
fiber: GAB
sun: KHadfield
bird: weedsandwildflower
sandhill, bucket, shovel: misty cato
staple: robin carlton
my first layout:

Sunday, January 11, 2009


okay, the german ant has also finished the first layout!

paper: weeds and wildflower, enkay design, foxydesigns
tears: Beautyfall by eNKay Design
ribbon: KHadfield
leave: cinnamon design
alpha, heart: kim de smet
tape: JBullock

Mein kleiner, grosser Vincent!
Als kleiner Bruder hat man es nicht immer leicht.
An diesem Tag warst Du sehr traurig, da
Bennett als Rosenkavalier auf der kleinen Parade
mitlaufen durfte.
Du hättest das auch so gerne gemacht
und es hatte sicher toll ausgesehen!
Aber im nächsten oder übernächsten Jahr
darfst Du bestimmt dabei sein.
Da ist Bennett dann auch in der Schule
und du kannst das ganz alleine machen!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

layout for the 2nd challenge is finished

After a few hick ups we got it done:
Cabin Fever
(interpret this as you will, but it must be evident that this is the thought/theme behind your page!)
Must include:
3 photos
4 papers only (no more or less)
8 different elements - at least 1 must be acrylic
2 different fonts
Must have a title, and journaling (which must be visible - if it is not readable, please include in your description)

Layout composition, papers some elements and journaling done by Nathalie.
Photo work, paper and element placing done by Alex
4 papers: Butterfly Love by eNKay Design
flower: Butterfly Love by eNKay Design
swirly ribbon: Butterfly Love by eNKay Design
star brad: My Christmas by eNKay Design
staples: Dressed up Dots by Robin Carlton
acrylic swirl: stop! jammertime by Robin Carlton
Cupcake: Party On by Heather Roselli
Scissors: First Bell by Lauren Grier and Amanda Heimann
paint box: First Bell by Lauren Grier and Amanda Heimann

Title: Alpha - Cutie Patootie by eNKay Design
fonts: Caflish Script Pro, Chinacat

journaling reads:
Not that this is THE recipe to prevent cabin fever but it works in most cases. All four of you love to do craft projects or to help baking cookies. This certainly helps to keep your mind off the bad weather.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First layout finished

This is so much fun, I love this race!
Here is my layout for the first challenge. This challenge was hosted by Hummie at Hummie's World. We had to tear up a photo in at least 3 pieces and journal.

kit: Melon Passions Sampler by Cinnamon Designs
tears: Beautyfall by eNKay Design
flowers: wound flowers y Windgefluester; Flibbity Jibbit by Robin Carlton and Manda Bean
label: Label Me by Penny Springman
font: DJB Katherine by Darcy Baldwin

journaling reads:
Liam, I have always loved your curly hair and thought you looked so adorable! You had a lot of curls and not always happy to get your hair brushed. One day you went to the hairdresser with Daddy and came back with short hair. Of course you still look handsome and you love going to the hairdresser to get your hair cut and styled like Daddy. You always come back so proud! But sometimes I miss your curls and wish you still had them.

As in the race last year the team ANTS will include their girly ant in their layouts!

Oh yes, the race is on!

Wooot, I just found out that the first ADSR 4 challenge is posted! I am really looking forward to start the race!